Welcome to Our Talent Page!

Forward is an exclusive agency. If we feel you are a great fit for Forward, we will represent you in all departments… commercial print, commercials, TV, and movies in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Out of respect for us and other agencies, please do not multi-list. We will not fight over talent!

What We Are Looking For

Forward is always searching for strong actors who have accepted marketing materials needed for us to promote you. You must be willing to invest time and money into improving your skills regularly.

It is best if you have had &ldqou;real time&rdqou; on-camera experience, but we will represent actors that have had professional training but have not won acting jobs.

We have a list of acting studios that we highly recommend. Trust us! Learning on the job is not the way to get a callback and ultimately the job. No fake it till you make it…

Many of you have been auditioning for SAG commercials and I know you have a lot of questions about SAG (Screen Actors Guild). View SAG’s FAQ page here. This might help answer some questions.


Here is the voucher you need signed after every job. Make sure you leave it with the client, but take a photo of it for your records and email us a copy of it. This is what we use to invoice the client.