Submission Instructions for FORWARD, The Agency

How to submit to the TV/Film Division

Forward Talent is actively accepting submissions for our film and TV department. We are open to submissions from talent at all levels of development, including aspiring actors with no professional experience. We have decades of experience representing all demographics of talent, including youth.

With your submission, please include a headshot, resume, and either a demo reel, a taped monologue or taped audition. Please also indicate if you have current representation in the Southeast or in any other geographic region. 

How to submit for the Commercial and Print Division

Talent ages 4 and Up

You can submit good, clear snapshots for submission if you do not have professional images to submit. However, if we decide to move forward with representation, professional industry-standard images will be required and we will be an active part of that process. 

We are actively seeking experienced models and new faces ages 18 and up. Women 5’8" to 6’0”. Men. 5’11”-6’3”. Please submit photos.

Talent ages 3 and under

Professional photos are not required; however, good clear photos are. These images can be taken with a cell phone. These photos will be the tools we use to submit and book your child. Please do not submit any photos with any filters, large accessories, toys, or food. Please take photos on a clean background and with good lighting. Your child should be looking at the camera and smiling. 


  • Snapshots are fine. Really try to capture their NATURAL smile
  • Looking straight at the camera
  • Needs to be cropped so I see the child clearly
  • Only the child should be in the photo
  • Not eating
  • No massive bows
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • No pacifiers
  • Good natural light is important
  • Smiling if possible
  • No Instagram filters

View a sample of the type of photos that we think are great here.



Once our team receives your submission, we will review and decide if we have a need for talent in your category. We will email you back if we feel that you would be a great fit for our clients. If you do not hear back from us in 2-4 weeks its because we are not looking for talent in your demographic at that time however, you are welcome to resubmit in 6 months.

What are the next steps if I do not hear back from FORWARD, The Agency?

We receive several submissions on a daily basis and will not respond to submissions unless we are interested in offering representation. If you do not hear back from our agency within 2-4 weeks of your submission please feel free to re-submit in 4-6 months. Please follow us on social media and feel free to submit to any castings we post. Submitting to castings posted to our social media is open to the public and is not limited to our represented talent. 

Does FORWARD, The Agency provide training or headshots?

Forward does not provide training or headshots. Visit our resources page to see who we recommend. You can also visit our social media pages where we often share upcoming classes and photography specials from our recommended sources. 

Can I be represented by other agencies?

No. We are an exclusive agency. We will represent you across the board in all departments in this region. 

What are the costs of being represented? 

FORWARD, The Agency does not collect any upfront costs upon signing talent. We will take the industry standard commission from any job booked through our agency, or our industry partners. We do require our talent ages 4 and up to invest in professional industry-standard images annually to keep our clients up to date on your look and register on the casting websites we use, two of which have a small annual fee.



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